John-David: The Biggest Blessing

There are many moments that define a person’s life. Sometimes, when reflecting on one’s life, it is hard to pick out one true defining moment. When I look back however, there is one moment that really stands out to me.

Growing up, my parents instilled in me the values of serving others. Both of my parents were always donating time and resources to those who were less fortunate. When my parents sat my sisters and I down to discuss the possibility of becoming foster parents, without a question my sisters and I all immediately agreed. I was eight years old.

We had many adorable and wonderful little foster brothers and sisters come in and out of our house. To this day people still ask me what that was like almost as if it was some sort of burden. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a blessing that was. I will never forget the feeling of finding out that we were going to have the privilege of having another little person in our home to take care of, look after and play pretend with.

With each child that came in and out of our home my little sisters and I learned a new lesson. We knew that each placement could last a few sweet days or, if it was God’s will, a lifetime. We learned to savor the time we had with our little siblings. We learned to love unconditionally and to live in the present because you never knew what could happen in the next moment. Most importantly, we learned how absolutely blessed we were to have been given our parents. They are an absolute and true example of unconditional love.

Little did I know that all of these small defining moments were leading up to the one true defining moment of my life. God knew perfectly what he was going to do next in our lives. One night we got a phone call that a little three-month old baby boy needed a loving home to keep him safe. We scrambled around, friends and family donating clothes and diapers and bottles. I remember picking out a teddy bear from my collection of stuffed animals to put in his little bed.

The next day, my mom picked my sisters and I up from school and we went to meet the social worker who would bring me my little brother. I was ten years old. I remember getting out of the car and seeing a sweet little toe headed baby boy. I was the first one to get to hold him and I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.

That day was truly the best day of my life and I will cherish it forever. The incredible choices and sacrifices that my parents have made in order to show me what it is like to have a servant’s heart is something that will impact me forever. I will spend the rest of my life trying to give back to those less fortunate because of the pure love and hope that my little John-David has given me.






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